Touch-Icons for Android-Devices: Y U No Working?

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Sven asked me some stuff about the HTML5 Boilerplate Favicon PSD-Template while he was using it for a project. He discovered one problem I was not aware of and I don’t know how to work around: Android does not use one of the apple-touch-icons as a bookmark or as a shortcut on the home-screen in Android 2.3.

I do not know of any other usage of the icons in prior versions of Android. But this article by Rob Flaherty stats that it is working for Android 2.1 and 2.2 with some minor changes.
He also set up this demo-page. Feel free to test with this and share your results in the comments. It was not working for me though.
Android 2.3 uses the standard favicon for shortcuts on the home-screen and screenshots for bookmarks.

As always I’m linking back on one of Mathias Bynens great articles. He writes about touch icons and stuff. Read this for more information how to use icons properly.

Do you have any suggestions how to get the icons working, at least for the home-screen icon? This works very nice with the Apple devices (iPhone and iPad).

Is it only me or do you also think that there is pretty good stuff going on with Android in general but there’s a but pretty often when it comes to some minor thinks like for example touch icons. That’s bad :(.


How would you judge MS when you’d have to use proprietary rel=”internet-explorer-6-icon”? Exactly! And the looser this time is: Apple

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