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Resize Elements with CSS3


The CSS3-spec is full of wonderful things. Sometimes things that are not so desperately needed as others but anyway… good to have them.

One of these more or less needed properties might be resize. It is part of the CSS3 Basic User Interface Module. What is really useful with resize is the ability to restrict the resizing of textarea for example. But it is possible to resize every element you’d like to as this demo by Simurai shows.

There are four values for resize that are kinda logical:

Robert Nyman created this demo using the resize-property. You should also check out Louis’ article that’s pretty great. And: the MDN docs about resize. You can also read more about this topic at Stackoverflow.

CSS3: Auto Hyphenation for Text-Elements


In browsers we do not have the ability to automatically hyphenate continuous text. This is an issue when you are using text-align: justify; for instance because the text may look really bad. I want to write about this topic because of the discussion that came up at the HTML5 Boilerpates issue-list and this blogpost at Fontdeck Blog. The specification says: Hyphenation means splitting words to improve the layout of paragraphs. CSS3 Properties CSS3 adds six properties to the list of useful thing. These are: The most important one is hyphens. More to this one later. You can add dictionary-files with hyphenate-resource

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