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Speaking Engagements, the .net-Awards and Freelancing


Here is a quick overview of my current status and why there are little updates in the blog. Also some great news.

Talking at Conferences

As you know, if you follow along my stuff, I spoke about coding guidelines at TalkOff Conference in Lille, France in January this year. The conference was organized very well and I had a lot of fun. Besides that I met a lot of great people. Thanks again for the invitation. You can find the slides here.

I am also very happy to be invited to UX Munich where I will speak about style guides in general and how you can be friends with designers. Check out the talk’s description on their website. There are a lot great people speaking at the conference as for example Vitaly Friedmann from Smashing Magazine and Nishant Kothary who was part of the team that redesigned Microsoft.com. Also Bastian Allgeier will be speaking, who wrote an article for The Nitty Gritty just recently.
This conference will take place in Munich, Germany and will be helt next week. So check it out quickly and get a ticket!

Later in April I will present at Front-Trends 2013 in Warsaw in Poland and yet again some top speakers of our industry will present there, too. Check out the speakers page to find Lea Verou, Faruk Ateş, Jake Archibald and a lot of others.

If you want me to speak at your conference, I’d be happy to submit a proposal. Just contact me.

.net-Awards Nomination

I am very happy to be one of the nominees of this year’s .net-Awards in the category “Young Developer of the Year”. Check out the website and vote what you like.
Thanks to everyone who proposed me to be nominated, this really means a lot to me. <3

Freelance Work

A couple of months ago I decided to leave /gebrüderheitz and do freelance work exclusively for some time starting in April. I want to focus a bit more on Open Source projects and work on some side-projects. I am really excited about the projects that I’ll be working on and about the re-organisation of my life.
The pipeline of actual client projects is still kind of free, so drop me a mail to info@drublic.de or use the contact form if you are interested in working with me. Please see the “Hire me” section on my website to get a quick overview of what I like to work on.

This all and some projects besides my normal work schedule keep me from updating my blog more often. I hope to write some more technical articles soon.

TakeOff Conference: Talking About Good Code →


Yesterday (17. January 2013) I was talking at TakeOff Conference in Lille, France. I actually extended my talk from the Fronteer’s Jam Session “Writing Awesome Code” with lots of new stuff. So check out the slides. There will be a video with the actual talk that is not online yet. I will post it here when it is.

See slides

Just a few words concerning the conference: The organizers are doing a great job here and the speakers are really good. If you’re not here, you are missing out on something :)

Working Draft Revision 100 →


Working DraftIt’s been over two years now – with our podcast Working Draft we have done 100 revisions. Congratulations to ourselves!

We recorded revision 100 on Monday and had a very special guest: Paul Irish. That’s why we recorded in English this time. The final podcast is now live and can be downloaded. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Listen to WD Revision 100

Here are the topics we talked about:

New Resource for Web Devs: The Nitty Gritty →


Yesterday Kahlil Lechelt and I launched The Nitty Gritty, a new blog and resource for web developers about the cutting edge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and web technology in general.

Visit The Nitty Gritty

About the idea of The Nitty Gritty Kahlil writes:

For a few years now, I’ve been watching my friends in the web development community write highly informative and well researched articles on their personal blogs, or as contributing authors writing articles for the blogs of their friends and colleagues.

We met at Smashing Conference back in September this year and talked about the idea of The Nitty Gritty. After some months of development we are now ready to present this idea to you.

So, cutting a long story short, we decided to execute on the desire to create a central hub for developers, hence The Nitty Gritty (TNG) was born and now we are about to wake this beast up.

I am very excited about our new project and hope so are you. I really hope that we can deliver high quality content within the next months. And hey… we already have some great articles coming up in the next few weeks

[…] including the performance pope Schepp, Yeoman core contributor Sindre Sorhus, and the maker of Kirby, Bastian Allgeier.

I have written a post myself about decoupling CSS by using placeholders in Sass which will be published today.

We would be pleased if you let us know what you think about this idea on Twitter. And make sure you follow @_thenittygritty! :)

Dabblet Chrome App


I think all of you know Lea Verou’s dabblet. dabblet is an interactive playground for quickly testing snippets of CSS and HTML code. It uses -prefix-free, so that you won’t have to add any prefixes in your CSS code. You can save your work in Github gists, embed it in other websites and share it with others. ~ About dabblet Some time ago I made this tiny Google Chrome App for jsFiddle which is in case just a bookmarklet with a bigger icon. I did this for dabblet, too but extended the app to something more: It displays all your dabblets

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Wo sind meine abgerundeten Ecken?


Sorry for this german post. For more information on this topic please check out the post “Where Are My Rounded Corners?”. Thanks to Daniel and Steffen at /gebrüderheitz. Manchmal sind unsere Kunden verwirrt, wenn sie sich ihre neue Website im Browser anschauen und sie anders aussieht, als das Design, dass sie freigegeben hatten. In diesem Merkblatt erklären wir, warum es viele Vorteile gibt, diese Unterschiede zu akzeptieren und dass diese Vorteile die Nachteile überwiegen. Lange Zeit haben wir die Gestaltung von Websites so gehandhabt, als ob es Printmedien seien. Hier findet nun ein Umdenken statt, denn das Internet unterscheidet sich

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HTML5 Boilerplate Favicon PSD-Template


No longer maintained Version 3.1 – Update 25.11.2012 Add current 16x16px favicon. Version 3.0 – Update 25.05.2012 And again Daniel updated the template with some great things. It now features the “new” HTML5 Boilerplate icons, you get a better overview of what icons are present and how the output of images is. Apart from that Daniel made a bug-fix for the 144×144px touch icon where the PNG wasn’t saved by default. Version 2.0 – Update 21.03.2012 Daniel has updated the favicon template with a 144×144px touch icon. This icon is needed for the high-resolution iPad Retina displays which are built

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This is what it’s all about!


Sometimes I need some space to share my thoughts. Sometimes this means its just a very short post and sometimes it will be a little bit more. Some kind of tutorial or what ever. Actually I’m a front-end developer located in Freiburg, Germany. Maybe you’ve head of this city: Smashing Magazine is based here, too. I’m currently working as a freelancer at /gebrüderheitz with people like Daniel and Steffen. I’m also engaged in some projects: I do some fancy stuff with Christian (we do Pagetimer), with Daniel I’m developing WordPress-Themes for Themeforest under the name Flipthemes (you should checkout this

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