My name is Hans Christian Reinl and I am a freelance front-end developer located in Freiburg, Germany.

I like all the HTML5 and CSS3 goodness and am interested in JavaScript Frameworks like Backbone or Ember. Apart from that I do a lot of WordPress-related stuff and also TYPO3.
My CV for professional stuff can be found here.


Here are some projects I do or contribute to.

Besides that I’ve done some micro-apps/projects.



I wrote some articles on the interwebz and offline. Here is a list. Hopefully more to come.

Please send me a mail if you want me to write for you.

Paid Projects


With my friend Daniel I code (he designs) HTML/CSS- and WordPress-Themes. We sell them at Themeforest and call ourselves Flipthemes. Our most famous theme is a WordPress-theme called Genova.

App Meister

For the start-up compendii I optimized and helped with the mobile version of App Meister. App Meister helps you to find the best iOS apps for your purpose with rankings build by the community.


The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Unfallchirurgie relaunched their online-presence. At /gebrüderheitz we developed the TYPO3-based website. With SASS we found a great way to maintain the large corporate website easily.

Haufe iDesk2

Haufe iDesk2 is a software offered by the publishing company Haufe to optimize your working process. At /gebrüderheitz I developed a webpage with cutting edge technologies using WordPress, HTML5, CSS3 and some jQuery-goodness based on a design by @dnlhtz.


GALA Goodies comes out as a insert with GALA, a “premium magazine for people and lifestyle” (G+J). The website is build to help the GALA-Goodies team in communication with their partners.

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